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ABC - 4 Ever 2 Gether Songtext

Song Text: 4 Ever 2 Gether

Interpret: ABC

Aus dem Album: The Lexicon Of Love

hinzugefügt von: Gast - weitere Songtexte von Gast

Eingestellt am: 09.06.2002

Speak no

You can't tell me, how to run my life
You can't tell me, drugs you're using
You're talking loud, and saying nothing
Walking proud, and going nowhere fast
You know

If you could tell me, how to find belief
If you told me, I'd believe you
Speak no evil, hear no evil
See no evil, I'll close my eyes
You know, love grows

_ chorus:

4 ever 2 gether, 4 years 2 come
4 love 2 strong, 4 us 2 part
4 ever 2 gether, 4 years 2 come
4 love 2 strong, 4 us 2 part

I stuck a marriage proposal
In the waste disposal
If that's the trash aesthetic,
I'd suggest that we forget it
Your 12 disciples might kiss and tell, but
You can tell me much more than they can,
Right now

A mathematical equation
Won't describe my liaison
The stars in the sky might try persuading
But you can tell me, I won't hear you
You can't tell me, I gave up the listening
Years ago

_ to chorus

So you're broken heart, here, take it to the mender
I got something on the agenda

Speak. No

4 ever 2 gether, 4 years 2 come
4 love 2 strong, 4 us 2 part
For when two hearts but strong and sweet
One promise I can never meet

Forgive and forget, for goodness sake
For love this strong, might make or break
4 ever 2 gether, 4 years 2 come
4 love 2 strong, 4 us 2 part

Two's a party, three's a crowd
I'm surprised what get's allowed
Three coins inside the fountain
You saw Mohammed move the mountain

Speak no evil

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