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Jon & Vangelis - back to school Songtext

Song Text: back to school

Interpret: Jon & Vangelis

hinzugefügt von: Gast - weitere Songtexte von Gast

Eingestellt am: 13.12.2001

Made my escape just a few days ago
I don't wanna tell you how low you can go
Movin' on up get a job quickly
Somthin hit me I don't know wot it was
I wanna go back this week
I wanna go back this week
I wanna go back this minute

They said I was unruly
Better get a job
I really didn't understand the meaning of the word
I tried to get an understanding with the foreman boss
He simply put me down and said I wasn't (To be trusted)
So I wanna go back
I wanna go back
I wanna go back

I wanna go back to school
I wanna go back to school
You might think I'm a crazy fool
I wanna go back to school
Man its safer in there
The world outside is so uncool

I need the money right now, I need the right job
The guys at work just needle me, they just can't get enough
I telephoned my friend, he said "same with me"
So wot are we going to do in this unearthly factory
I don't understand, how I was pushed to the brink I wanna go back
I wanna go back
I wanna go back
I wanna go back to school
I wanna go back to school
I wanna go back to school
Man it's crazy out here in the 'outer' world
I wanna go back to school

So I'm sitting in the dark
In my bed the other night
Thinking about my teacher
Now wasn't she right
They said youd get a shock
Just like coming out of the womb
The world outside's enormous
There's only so much room
People kick and tear your brain
Life outside's insane
I wanna go back "HERE ME NOW"

I really tried to work so hard
They told me scrub the floor
They kicked me like atoy
Nailed me to the door
I wanna go back to school
I wanna hear it, hear it
Hear the golden rule
I wanna go back to school

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Jon & Vangelis

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