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Jon & Vangelis - I´ll find my way home Songtext (Übersetzung)

Song Text: I´ll find my way home

Interpret: Jon & Vangelis

hinzugefügt von: Gast - weitere Songtexte von Gast

Eingestellt am: 20.11.2001

You ask me where to begin?-Am I so lost in my sin?
You ask me where did I fall?-I´ll say,I can´t tell you when

But if my spirit is lost,how I will I find what is near?
Don´t question - I´m not alone,somehow I´ll find my way home
My sun shall rise in the east,so shall my heart be at peace
And if you´re asking me when.-I´ll say it starts at the end
You know you´re will to be free is matched with love secretly
And take would alter your prayer,somehow you find you are there
Your friend is close by your side
And speaks in for-acient tongue
A season's wish will come true,all season's begin with you

One world we all come from,one world we melt into one
Just hold my hand and we´re there
Somehow we´re going somewhere - somehow we´re going somewhere

You ask me where to begin?-Am I so lost in my sin?,...

But if my spirit is strong,I know it can´t be wrong
No questions - I´m not alone,somehow I´ll find my home
Somehow I´ll find my way home,somehow I´ll find my way homehmen

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Jon & Vangelis

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